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Natural-looking artificial lawn instead of bald patches! IN Kitimagh, Co. Mayo

Date: 19/06/2020

Look at the difference!

No bold patches and no mud, no injuries either!! Just a vivid, natural-looking artificial lawn, that is soft to touch but tough and highly durable!
Our quick drying surfaces are low friction, non-slip and offer an attractive, cleaner and safer alternative to real grass.

This family here in Kitimagh in Co. Mayo had worn out their lawn quite a bit over the year, but the solution of putting down synthetic grass solves all the problems. No matter how much traffic is put on to the surface, the artificial grass stays green all year round.

Artificial grass has a lifespan of 20 years 
Coupled with its low-maintenance nature and its sturdiness and longevity you are sure to find that artificial grass is a highly cost-effective solution.

We offer a nationwide design and installation service for gardens, play areas and commercial projects! Our dedicated team also offers a complete landscape service, including building of retention walls, flower beds, fencing and paving!

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