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Artificial Grass Makeover for City Garden IN Limerick

Date: 5/06/2020

Artificial grass is ideal for shaded city gardens, which are often surrounded by tall buildings or overhanging trees, where growing' real grass' is nearly impossible.

In this Limerick city garden, the grass was all patchy and became very dry and brown through the lack of rain in the past weeks. And when surrounded by all that concrete, it is simply enjoyable to go out into your nice green garden where you can relax and enjoy the nice summer evening.
Studies have shown that gardens can enhance our mental well-being. We at Class Grass believe that a well-designed garden should be a fusion of purpose, style and function which come together to create a sense of place.

Not just another pretty face, artificial grass inspires you to spend more time enjoying your yard.

It's perfect if you want all the benefits of a luscious lawn in a natural grass-inhospitable place. Artificial grass has become increasingly popular to carpet urban rooftops and balconies.

Are you living in the city and longing for a small patch of green? Whatever size you have available, we are covering everything :)
We provide artificial grass installations in Limerick and all across Ireland for home gardens, sports surfaces and commercial lawns.

Contact us about your ideas and requirements, we are happy to help planning your garden, back or front yard, your balcony or patio.
We have developed an extensive range of natural looking artificial grasses to suit a wide range of applications and budgets. 
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