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How to Clean Artificial Grass

Posted: 21/11/2019

How to Clean Artificial Grass | Class Grass Artificial Grass, Ireland
Artificial grass has many advantages over mother nature’s alternative.

For one, it doesn’t need any fertilizer, or any other specific care to maintain its lush look. It stays healthy throughout the seasons, and doesn’t need mowing come summer. Artificial grass is also incredibly easy to clean. Simple upkeep should be done regularly, and cleaning up specific spills is easy as well.

1. Use a leaf blower to get rid of debris. Whether it be fallen leaves in autumn, fallen branches after a storm or some other accumulation of debris, a leaf blower can help you swiftly clear your turf. Designate one corner of your yard and blow all debris towards it. Once all debris is grouped, you can collect it for removal. You should only have to pass over the turf once to completely clear it of larger debris.

2. Rinse the turf with a garden hose. While a leaf blower is effective for larger debris, it might not clear the grass of dust or spills. Using a garden hose, rinse the entirety of the turf. Make sure to do so lightly; too much water pressure could damage the grass. Start from one end of your yard, moving across and sweeping the hose in a circular motion as you do.

3. Brush the grass using a broom or rake. Brushing the grass frequently will keep the grass blades pointed upwards, affording your lawn a more natural look. You can use a brush, as long as it has soft bristles. However, you’ll be better served using a broom or a rake; the added reach will make covering the whole yard easier and quicker. Start in one corner of your yard, and move horizontally as you brush. Once you’ve reached the opposite end, take a few steps back, and move across again. You should always brush in the same direction, against the grass’ natural grain.

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