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4 Signs You Should Invest in Artificial Grass for School Playgrounds

Posted: 18/05/2023

astro turf for school playgrounds
Childhood is all about creating memories. And school, especially the playground more than classrooms, brings that opportunity for kids so they can make the best memories of their childhood days. And if you run a school or daycare, installing fake grass mats or turf for school playgrounds can make their fun even safer and better. No wonder the popularity of Synthetic Grass For Schools in Ireland is at its peak.
If you are looking forward to some convincing signs to ensure that it’s a good idea, get your answer in today’s blog.

Hints Pointing to a YES for Investing in Artificial Grass for School Playgrounds

Artificial grass for schools is ideal, not for just landscaping but even for sports fields and playgrounds. And if you want to be sure whether it’s a perfect option for your school playgrounds, look out for these signs:
Sign #1: Safety Requirements For Play Areas-
Nothing is more important for parents than their kids’ safety. And when they enroll their children in your school or Montessori, it’s your responsibility to take care of their well-being and protection. Installing artificial grass is a great way to ensure kids' safety while playing on the grounds. Synthetic turfs are soft, reducing the chances and risks of injury. No wonder it’s the safest landscaping option for schools. Make sure you look for Artificial Turfs For Schools meeting the critical fall height of up to 1.5 meters.  

Sign #2: Gain The Confidence Of Parents-
Believe it or not, even the most fun day at the playground can hurt a kid the most. For example, falling or rolling around rough landscaping, like gravel or woodchips, can cause scratches and scrapes or even cuts to kids.
That’s why many parents often don’t allow their children to get out to the school grounds. By switching to Soft Synthetic Artificial Grass For School grounds, you can give parents peace of mind and confidence that their little ones can enjoy their fullest without worrying about cuts and scratches. 

Sign #3: Enjoy Sports All Year Around-
No matter what the climate condition outdoors, children can enjoy the playground safely. With artificial turf, the school playgrounds won’t be much hot to touch in summer while drying quickly on rainy days. Moreover, the low-friction and non-slip grass ensure a safer ground for children.
So, no more muddy patches or dug out around the goal mouth! Kids can continue their fun even after a storm.
#4: Natural Look To Your Landscaping-
Inadequate rainfall or heavy rainfall can cause rough surfaces, mud, or water pooling in the playgrounds, making it risky for kids to play there. With Synthetic Grasses, you can say goodbye to all these conditions and enjoy natural-looking landscaping all year round while letting children have fun any time of the year.
Bottom Line
Artificial turf for school playgrounds is really an ideal option when it comes to transforming your poorly maintained and concrete school grounds. Kids can have fun safely while parents can have peace of mind. Plus, you can avoid regular maintenance and save time.

So, if you want to bring the fun back to the play area of your school or Montessori, count on us, Class Grass Ireland Ltd. We offer premium quality, non-fade, non-slip, and low-friction cushioned grasses for school playgrounds with a 1.5-meter critical fall height requirement. 
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