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What are the Benefits of Artificial Grass for Schools and Crèches?

Posted: 26/02/2021

​What are the Benefits of Artificial Grass for Schools and Crèches?
At schools, crèches and playgrounds, our children’s health and safety are paramount. Children should be able to get outside every day for a reasonable amount of time, play creatively and have fun in a safe environment.

Artificial grass provides a wide range of benefits for children, teachers and parents too.

The heavy use of the outdoor areas at schools and crèches can create bare patches and tracks on real grass where foot traffic is the heaviest, especially around play area equipment. 
Other outdoor surfaces, like tarmac and woodchip, which are commonly used for children's play areas and sports grounds, can often be unsafe and impractical.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of artificial grass for school and nursery playgrounds:

1. Safer Environment For Children With Artificial Grass

With artificial grass, you can provide a soft surface for your children. The thick synthetic grass absorbs the impact during a fall and reduces the chances of and bone breaks. All children love to run, climb and jump, and the soft artificial turf will reduce the chances of injuries that can occur with other outdoor surfaces like tarmac and woodchip. 
Natural lawns are often uneven or easy to dig up, and heavy use often causes bald patches,  which all can create tripping hazards. 
With artificial grass, however, these hazards aren’t an issue. It’s exceptionally durable to withstand heavy use, and the artificial lawn is installed perfectly straight and creates an even terrain that will reduce kids’ chances of falling.

Artificial grass is also slip-free and quick-drying, which also reduces falls and injuries.

2. Kids Can Play All Year Round 

As mentioned above, artificial grass is slip-free and quick-drying so that the children can go outside even after heavy rain showers. That means that the kids also get their outdoor playtime during winter or heavy rain periods.

There is no risk of slipping or falling with an artificial lawn.

3. Cleaner Environment

What we all love about the artificial grass - both parents and teachers - there is no mud and no mess!

With an artificial lawn, there is no chance that bare spots form around play equipment or heavy use would cause patches or tracks; there are no areas that can form puddles and trails of mud and muck. 

Therefore, there will be no muddy puddles or dirt trails through the schools with a synthetic grass outdoor area; no dirty clothes or grass stains!

4. Beautiful and Fun 

Artificial grass looks fantastic. With a natural-looking artificial lawn, you can easily brighten up dull areas or use coloured artificial grass and create fun play areas both outdoors and indoors.
We have created lots of colourful and fun play areas for schools and creches, with inbuilt hopscotch or snakes and ladders, have a look in our galleries!

The synthetic grass surface is also a great solution for inner-city schools and crèches that don't have large green areas for play and sports activities.

5. Durable

As already mentioned, synthetic grass is very robust and durable and can easily handle heavy traffic. On the other hand, normal grass will die out and grow dull if children are continually trampling on the grass. Or the heavy use creates bare patches, resulting in lots of mud when it is raining or causing tripping hazards for the children.
With artificial grass, you are sorted for an extended period of time.

Artificial grass has a lifespan of up to 20 years. It is UV protected, and the colour doesn’t fade. At Class Grass, we also offer an 8-year manufacturer guarantee.

6. Low Maintenance

One of the most significant benefits of installing artificial grass in schools and playgrounds is that it will drastically reduce maintenance costs and time.
For schools and other local authorities, this provides a massive advantage over real grass.
Whether playground areas are maintained by on-site staff or a professional maintenance company is contracted, both options are expensive and cost schools and local authorities large amounts of money and time.

Professionally installed artificial turf lasts up to 20 years!

Even though there is a large initial outlay with an artificial grass installation, the maintenance costs outweigh the cost of artificial grass from our experience. The cost is usually recouped after 5-10 years.
Once the artificial lawn has been installed, there is very little maintenance. A quick brush with a broom or clean up with a leaf blower in the autumn is the maximum of what you need to do a few times a year.

More about cleaning artificial grass you find in our blog post “How to Clean Artificial Grass
7. Quick To Install 

Depending on the size of the area, we can install artificial grass in a matter of days. 
For a small play area, the installation of synthetic grass could be finished in a day. Larger spaces can be completed in 2-3 days.

You find more details about installation times in our blog, “How long does it take to install Artificial Grass”.

8. Flexible

Artificial grass is very versatile and can be installed everywhere. Whether it is a small area that you want to brighten up with lush artificial grass or use coloured fake grass, or an old worn out play surface that needs to be replaced. We can install synthetic grass everywhere for you and create a fun and safe play environment.
At Class Grass, we can easily install artificial grass on concrete too. Find out more about that in the Blog “Can Artificial Grass be laid on concrete?”

9. Better for Allergy Sufferers

Some children are very sensitive to allergies. The hay fever and pollen allergy season starts in late March and goes until September.
With an artificial grass playground, hay fever effects would be reduced, as there is less pollen in the air.

10. Perfect for Sport Pitches

Artificial turf is an excellent solution as a sports surface and can be installed for many sports, including tennis, football, rugby or hurley walls.
Real grass pitches require many hours of maintaining. Synthetic grass requires absolutely no watering, fertilising or mowing and can be laid everywhere.

There are many benefits of sports turf:
- Low maintenance costs
- All-weather surface 
- Excellent playing characteristics in terms of ball bounce and roll
- Durable and robust

An Excellent Solution

It's no surprise that many schools, crèches and playgrounds, choose artificial grass for their outdoor area when it offers such an amount of great benefits compared to traditional ground coverings.
Whether it is a small play area, large playing field or a football pitch, artificial turf is an excellent solution for schools, crèches, playgroups, local councils and universities.
If you want to know more about artificial grass installation for schools and play areas, or you think about installing synthetic grass at your school, contact us.
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