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How Long Does It Take to Install Artificial Grass?

Posted: 8/03/2021

How Long Does It Take to Install Artificial Grass?
It's spring, the sun is out, and we are dying to get outside.
Maybe you are thinking about a garden-makeover and installing artificial grass.

- An artificial grass garden is not only low in maintenance and avoids mud to be dragged into the house. It also is green all year round and invites you to spend more time outside, and it always looks tidy and neat when you have friends and family coming over.

But you are wondering how long it takes to lay the artificial lawn?
Or you might be concerned that you have to take time off work...

The time that it takes for an artificial grass installation to be completed really depends on the size of your garden. But, for an average garden, the installation takes about 1-2 days, and in most cases, you wouldn't need to be at home for your grass to be installed.

There are a few more factors that influence the installation time of your artificial grass. 
As an experienced artificial grass company, let me explain a little more about the installation process and the factors that affect the time:

Which Factors Determine Artificial Grass Installation Time?

1. Installation Time of Artificial Grass Depending on Garden Size

If it is an artificial grass installation only, the following installation times are a good estimation:

If your garden is between 30-40 sqm, the installation is usually finished within a day; if the materials are on-site, everything is running smoothly, and it is an installation only.
For a larger garden of 100-120 square meters, it can take up to 3 days to install the artificial lawn.
Bigger areas around 250-400 square meters are finished in about 4-5 days when the garden access is good and the weather stable.

Speaking of the garden access, that brings us tho the next factor that affects the artificial lawn installation time:

2. Access to Your Garden

The above installation times of artificial grass are petty much accurate if your garden access is good and easy.

If there are many stairs to go up and down to get to your garden, a 40sqm garden could take an additional day for the installation.
For gardens of a size between 100-300 sqm, you have to calculate with 1-2 days extra to the above times.
The same applies to gardens witch can only be accessed through the house and has several flights of stairs on top of that. That might limit the daily square meter that we can lay per day. (Just an example, to give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of installation time.)

But from our experience, there is always a way to adapt and get the work done fast without too much fuss.
If your garden can only be accessed through the house, the only thing is that you will need to be at home for the installation.

Another factor, that can determine how long your lawn might take to be finished is:

3. Additional Landscaping Design

At Class Grass, we also provide a complete landscaping design service in addition to an artificial grass installation. We do your whole garden in one go!
We offer to lay slabs or tiles for patios or paths; we can build or fix decks, fencing, or erect any concrete installations like walls or flower beds, timber beds or poles, anything really.

Also, curved, detailed edging might be an option for you, and this is also a little more complex and add a little more time to your installation. 

These are all very individual variations, so the additional time needed for the whole garden completion really depends on the individual project.
Please contact us anytime for more information about the landscaping options and a FREE Quote!

4. Installing a Putting Green 

Like additional landscaping design options, installing a putting green on your lawn requires some more extra time and preparation. There are the curved fringe and putting cups to be added, which will mean additional material and labour cost.

Book in Time

Our busiest installation times are spring and summer. So, again, depending on the size of your project, plan plenty of time ahead!
It's easier to squeeze in a smaller to average garden into our schedule. But the bigger the area is, the sooner it is best to book. Especially if you have an upcoming event that you need your artificial lawn to be completed, contact us early enough. This will help that we have the dates available and avoid disappointment.

Just keep in mind, we can be booked up weeks in advance in the spring and summer months!

Artificial grass projects can be very individual and need some planning. We always want to give our best advice on the best grass to choose for your project.
Get in touch with us about the approximate installation time and price. You can send us a photo of your garden and the approximate measurements, and we are happy to answer all your questions and send you a FREE Quote!

We are looking forward to hearing from you and get your garden project started!

Padraic & The Class Grass Team
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