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Artificial Grass for Commercial Purposes

Posted: 19/01/2021

Artificial Grass for Restaurant Patio
​Artificial grass is practical, durable and attractive in a variety of commercial spaces. It instantly gives your commercial area a beautiful and inviting feel.

The synthetic grass can be a great addition to outdoor seating areas, displays and visual advertising for an array of businesses. As it is so versatile, we can install it everywhere.
More and more business owners are discovering that Artificial Grass also is a cost-effective solution and - depending on the size of the location, it can be installed in a matter of hours or 1-2 days. Additionally, it will save you a lot of time and money, as it needs very little maintenance.


Affordable Outdoor Flooring for Hospitality Businesses
From Hotel outdoor seating area to Restaurant patio or Top floor City bars, artificial grass is an excellent flooring solution for outdoor seating in the hospitality industry. If you have a Café or a Shop with a seating area outside the lush artificial grass will give your commercial area an inviting atmosphere and attract customers to sit in a clean, comfortable and attractive environment.

Professional Look for Indoor Areas 
Our Artificial Grass is a great way to attract consumers to your business. Spruce up your Showroom with synthetic grass or create a nice and comfortable feel in your Shopping Center's reception area. The artificial grass will give your business a clean and professional look. It also is an excellent solution to create a soft and safe flooring for kids indoor play area, gym flooring and indoor workout spaces.
Even in your workspace could artificial grass be an easy solution to create a workout area.

Stylish Display areas and Creative Exhibition stands
Installing artificial grass in your exhibition stand, using it for display areas or creative window arrangements, it provides you with style and comfort and will make you stand out from the crowd. The artificial grass will create this fantastic looking setting and attracting more customers to your commercial area.

Save and clean Sports Facilities
As already mentioned above, synthetic grass is excellent as gym flooring, whether for hotels or professional gyms. But the artificial grass is also a very safe and clean floor covering around swimming pools for Leisure Centres and Hotels.


Our quality artificial grass is extremely easy to clean and maintain. Any debris you can remove easily with a rake, broom or even a hoover. Brushing the grass frequently will keep the grass blades pointed upwards and looking like on the first day.

All of our artificial grass products come with an 8-year manufacturers guarantee. You can rest assured that our grass will be hard-wearing, durable and perfect for your application, it has a lifespan of up to 20 years. With very little maintenance required, your artificial turf will look great all year round!

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You can see that Artificial grass is a great flooring idea for various purposes.
It saves time and money and is really versatile, so that can also easily be used to cover concrete or another old flooring that has lost the attractive look.

If you are looking for a suitable solution for your business, get in touch about all your queries. We send you a FREE quote for the best artificial grass and installation options for your needs.
We install synthetic grass for the use in hotels, apartment complexes, show houses, restaurants, auto dealers, shops, shopping centres, and anywhere else you may find lawn or need a creative flooring solution.

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