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Posted: 17/07/2020

Pool area with artificial grass
Nothing compares to a cool, refreshing dip in the pool on a warm summer’s day. With some thoughtful design, your pool area can add immensely to the aesthetic appeal of your entire landscape. And when your design includes artificial grass, you’ve got all the bases covered – enjoyment, aesthetic appeal, and maximum functionality. Now we’re talking.

Installing artificial grass makes life easier

Most people design their pool area so there is a hard, waterproof surface immediately surrounding the pool, then lawn, flower beds, etc. are farther away. That way, chemicals in the inevitable splashed pool water won’t damage growing plants. And splashed water on a hot, hard surface will (hopefully) evaporate relatively quickly.

Your hardscape pool surround can be basic concrete, or it can be something more attractive such as pavers, but it is still a hard, hot, unforgiving surface. Who needs that?! It’s time to think beyond the obvious. So let’s examine all the reasons (and good reasons they are) for choosing artificial grass instead as the key design feature for your pool area. Aside from the pool itself, of course.

Not only does artificial grass improve your pool experience, it gives you more time to enjoy your pool -- and monetary savings you could put toward enhancing your pool area. No muss, no fuss, because it:

- Requires almost no maintenance (and what little it does need is quick and easy)
- Requires zero water
- Looks luscious and inviting all the time

It is also the most user-friendly pool surround surface:

- Bare feet love it because it is fluffy and soft and it never gets slippery when wet.
- Even with all the inevitable splashing, it drains right away and dries quickly.
- You never have to deal with mud and crud getting tracked around and into your pool.
- It looks prettier. You can install artificial grass right up to the coping for a seamless lawn that makes your yard appear more expansive and cohesive.

Do you have an existing pool with a concrete surround? No need to hire a jackhammer crew to come to rip it out, just cover it over with artificial grass. Talk about an instant makeover!
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