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Posted: 26/04/2020

What to do if your Artificial Turf gets damaged
Installing artificial turf is a major investment-- and a beautiful one. No one wants to see their gorgeous grass damaged in any way, and considering how durable artificial turf is, that’s not often an issue. But tough as artificial turf is, it’s not bullet-proof. So what if something does damage it? Let’s look at your options.

--> Regular maintenance helps prevent problems

Artificial turf doesn’t require much attention, but keeping it clean is an easy way to head off potential damage.

--> Sometimes things just happen

Despite your best efforts to take good care of your turf, things happen that you cannot control. Some problems are simply annoying when they occur. Occasionally, weeds manage to grow along the edge or in the infill. You can pull them up or use a commercial spray such as Round-Up to get rid of them.

Fortunately, many times what seems like an “oh, no!” moment is in fact something you can easily fix yourself. For example, you missed a bit of dog poop over in the corner, and it mildewed. Just pick it up, then clean the area with vinegar or some other simple household cleaner and give it a rinse. Good as new. Or you spilled paint on the turf. No worries, just use paint thinner on a soft cloth to wipe it away.

The good news is that artificial turf is extremely stain- and fade-resistant, so no matter what you spill on it, you won’t damage the turf. Products such as weed killer and household cleaners are safe, too. 

However, your turf may suffer other types of damage you cannot fix yourself. An area along the edge of the turf or a seam becomes loose. Mother Nature whips up a snappy storm, a branch breaks off and part of the sharp jagged end pierces your turf’s barrier. Or a guest at your daughter’s graduation dinner accidentally knocks over a candle onto the grass, melting a small section of the turf.

Artificial grass is non-toxic and flame retardant and is made of a high-quality synthetic material that does not burn, but will melt if it comes into contact with things like BBQ's, fire bowl, fireworks etc. Therefore it's vital hot objects are kept away from artificial lawns to prevent it from melting.

Check your warranty

Our superior quality artificial turf comes with a 8-year manufacturers guarantee. After all, the manufacturer knows their product is good, so in the unusual event that something goes wrong with the materials or workmanship, they are happy to accept your claim. However, reputable professional dealers and installers also provide a warranty that covers their own workmanship. No artificial turf can meet performance standards if it isn’t properly installed. (This is why you chose a company like Class Grass for both purchasing and installing your turf, right?) 

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Our artificial turf experts are always happy to answer your questions and, if necessary, come out and perform whatever repairs are required to return your turf to its beautiful previous condition. Or simply email us to about your problem, and we’ll contact you right away.

Don’t delay, though. Even if a problem seems quite small to you, ignoring it will only make it worse. Besides, one reason you chose artificial turf in the first place was its long-lasting beauty and performance.
We don’t want you to miss out on a moment of enjoyment!

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