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How to care for your Artificial Grass Putting Green?

Posted: 8/03/2020

How to care for your Artificial Grass Putting Green
Isn’t it nice that you can use your at-home putting green virtually all year round? With just a little care, your artificial turf green maintains its pro-quality good looks, the performance traits you specified when it was installed, and its tempting allure. Come play with me.  

Having your artificial turf putting green close at hand makes it easy to say yes to that temptation. A few steps out the door, putter and chipping wedge in hand, and you’re sharpening your short game. Spring, summer, and fall. And winter! No need to take the “off” season off, worrying that your skills might diminish a bit from disuse. Your green is always there for you.

What if it rains?
Your artificial turf putting green won’t mind at all! Thanks to superior quality turf and professional installation from our experts at Class Grass, your green will drain away moisture in no time. Better than natural grass can do, actually. And it dries quickly when the rain stops. So you can take a break while it rains or don a hooded jacket and keep putting. Maybe you can enlist your golf-loving spouse to hold a big umbrella for you, just like you would on the course. You can take turns. ;)

A bit of easy care makes it all possible
Your putting green serves a more specific purpose than your artificial grass lawn, but caring for it is pretty much the same. All it really needs to stay shipshape is some common-sense care:
  • If debris falls on it – leaves, twigs, whatever – pick it up.
  • Rinse it with the hose from time to time, to wash of any dust or small bits, and you’re good to go.
  • You can give it a fluff with a stiff-bristle broom or power brush now and then to maintain its shapeliness (especially if you have longer turf). 
  • Periodically inspect the putting green, doing a walk around to look for any minor problems such as a lifted edge or a sneaky weed along the side. The weed you can pull yourself. For small repairs, just give our Class Grass team a call. Preventive maintenance will help your putting green perform beautifully for many years to come.

This minimal amount of regular care takes a lot less time than you used to spend driving back and forth to the club or driving range to get in some practice. And, other than a few minutes of your time, it’s free. You’re free to spend more time practising. Exactly what you had in mind :)

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