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How to Clean Artificial Grass

Posted: 21/11/2019

Simple upkeep should be done regularly, and cleaning up specific spills is easy as well. Read more ›

Choosing Sythetic Over Natural Grass: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted: 11/08/2023

**Why Choose Synthetic Over Natural Grass?**

- **Evergreen Appeal**: Synthetic grass stays vibrant all year, unlike natural grass that can brown in dry spells.
- **Minimal Upkeep**: Forget regular mowing, watering, and fertilizing. A quick brush and occasional rinse are all synthetic grass needs.
- **Cost Savings**: The initial investment pays off with reduced water bills, no fertilizers, and zero mowing expenses.
- **Eco-friendly**: Save water and reduce chemical runoff. Synthetic grass is a green choice in more ways than one.
- **Versatile Uses**: Perfect for lawns, playgrounds, sports fields, and even indoor areas.
- **Safe & Clean**: Cushioned, pest-free, and easy to clean, it's ideal for homes with kids and pets.
- **Natural Look**: Modern synthetic grass mimics real grass, offering beauty without the hassle.

Considering a switch? Class Grass Ireland Ltd. offers top-quality synthetic grass solutions tailored for you. Read more ›