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Natural Looking Artificial Grass

Exquisite yet resilient, gentle to the touch, and green in every sense of the word. That's what you can expect when you choose artificial grass from Class Grass Ireland Ltd. Explore our extensive range of natural-looking artificial grasses perfect for various applications and budgets. Say goodbye to constant maintenance and enjoy a lush, green lawn all year round.

Minimal Maintenance, Maximum Appeal

Say goodbye to the hassles of traditional lawn care:

  • No More Mowing: Enjoy a beautiful green lawn without the noise and effort.
  • Water-Free Beauty: Save on water bills and conserve resources.
  • Year-Round Green: Forget about brown patches; our artificial grass stays lush in every season.
  • Reclaim Your Weekends: Spend more time enjoying your outdoor space, not working on it.

With our artificial grass, you can have a stunning lawn that requires minimal upkeep. Experience the future of outdoor living today!

Seamless Integration with Your Surroundings

At Class Grass Ireland Ltd., we create harmonious and inviting outdoor spaces. Whether you have a residential garden, school playground, sports surface, or commercial lawn, Padraic and his skilled installation team transform it into something truly exceptional.

Quality You Can Trust, Advice You Can Rely On

We pride ourselves on providing the best quality artificial grass in Ireland, designed to withstand daily use. Our friendly staff is always ready to advise you on your artificial grass project. We believe in personalized service and complete satisfaction.

Unbeatable Installation Services

We offer artificial grass installations all across Ireland. Our highly experienced team ensures expert installation, leaving you with a stunning and functional outdoor space.

Get Started Today!

Revolutionize your outdoor space with Class Grass Ireland Ltd. Enjoy a stunning, low-maintenance lawn that's green all year round. Ready to take the first step?

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