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Natural Looking artificial grass

Beautiful but tough, soft to the touch and green in every sense of the word.
Class Grass Ireland Ltd., have developed an extensive range of natural looking artificial grasses to suit a wide range of applications and budgets. If you are looking for minimal maintenance and attractive green grass all year round then artificial grass is for you!

Padraic and his experienced installation team also offer a complete garden design and landscaping service, ensuring your artificial grass blends seamlessly into its surroundings! Visit our galleries to view a sample of our work to date and find our latest artificial grass projects at residential gardens, school playgrounds, sports surfaces, commercial lawns and more.

We provide not only the best quality artificial grass in Ireland, but our friendly staff will be able to advise you on the right choice for your needs and help with planning your artificial grass project. We offer Artificial Grass Installations all across Ireland for home gardens, graves, sports surfaces, school playgrounds and commercial lawns at a reasonable price.

Give Padraic a call today on +353 87 838 0618 to discuss your requirements, for synthetic grass and fake grass for your residential gardens or commercial lawn. Request a sample of artificial grass or astro turf for your project.

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