We Designed our own Grass it does not look artificial

It Looks Real

"Its grass with Class"

Class Grass uses only the best artificial grass products in the buisness. Guaranteed
for 5 years from the manufacturer and for 10 years in colour. Small drainage holes
in the grass allowes the rain water to filter through. No cutting fertilising or watering

Maintenance Free.

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ClassGrass transforms your garden into a low maintenance, outdoor extension
of your home. There are countless benefits to having Class Artificial grass
over a natural lawn, picture having a lush, green and healthy lawn every
day of the year, never having to mow, weed or water your grass again

Class Grass offer a range of synthetic grass & all-weather surfaces to
suit your individual requirements.Artificialgrass offered by Class Grass
are all extremely hardwearing, natural in appearance and provide
a surface for pets, children and all the family.

Maintenance Free

Kids Play Area. Clean Kids !

Below Recent Project in France. Travel Not A Problem !!

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Its Grass With Class"

Rooftop Gardens

Pub Gardens