Frequently Asked Questions

Artificial Turf Supply experts answer your questions. Don't be shy...just ask.

Q: When it rains will Class Grass allows water through ?
A: Yes there are drainage holes built in to the artificial grass so that water will drip flow through and soak away in the normal way that local conditions allow.

Q: How am I going to be saving money by choosing Class Grass for my Artificial Grass needs?
A: Implementing Class Grass Artificial grass System is an investment that supports substantial maintenance and irrigation savings over an extended period of time.With a product life expectancy beyond 10 years, Class Grass artificial Grass System adds a significant value to your pocket and your environment. You’ll find that our synthetic surfaces pay for themselves sooner than you think.

Q: If I purchase synthetic turf from Class Grass how do I receive my order?
A: We keep it simple and easy for our customers. If you buy the artificial grass for supply only we just send you our bank details and the grass is delivered the next day following payment to Class Grass Account.
If its supply and install Class Grass normally will supply and install within 2 weeks.

Q: I have several dogs that do their business outside; will they damage or destroy the Artificial grass ?
A: No, the burned or destroyed area you are accustomed to seeing with natural sod will not be the case with artificial grass.  You will not have to worry about odors or mildew buildup from your pets’ daily routine.You can simply rinse off your area in question and enjoy a long lasting, plush, green synthetic lawn for years and years.

Q:  Why should I buy turf from
A:  We can save you valuable time and money using our expertise to create the best products at the greatest value direct from their sources.
We designed our own artificial grass and it looks real not artificial. People say its CLASS and thats why we called it Class Grass.

Q: Can I install Class Grass Artificial grass System myself?
A: Yes, with every Artificial Grass order we provide thorough step-by-step installation instructions and access to our installation guide here on  The installation of Artificial grass is not only very simple, but will also add beauty, value and curb appeal to your home or business.

Q: Will my Class Grass System stand up to the elements?
A: Yes,Class Grass Artificial grass systems comes with the highest endurance and quality specifications available. Our UV resistant Polyethylene and polypropylene fiber system is clearly the preferred material over Nylon.This revolutionary material offers enhanced strength, pliability and UV resistance, for a more natural and more durable finished product. Together with our super duty urethane latex backing, our suite of Artificial Grass products will stand up to the elements and take a beating under the most demanding applications.

Q: Does Class Grass use  rubber infill, silica sand infill or a combination?
A: At Class Grass we only use grass products that require no infill at all. Our grass is designed to stand itself and the infill is simply more Class Grass in the base or as it is called "The Curl Pile". Thats what keeps it standing. No infill No maintenance No Watering and No Mowing.